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Spider Vein Therapy

Beautiful, Smooth Legs

Spider or thread veins are a natural cosmetic occurrence. These surface-level veins most commonly appear on the legs of older women due to family history, pregnancy, female hormones, steroid use, trauma, or prolonged sitting or standing.

While most spider veins only hinder cosmetic appearance, rare side effects include pain, cramps, burning, throbbing, itching, leg fatigue, and chronic venous disease. To boost your confidence and decrease the chances of these long-term side effects, spider vein therapy (also known as sclerotherapy) is a great non-surgical treatment.

Sclerotherapy involves a licensed medical professional injecting a chemical into the affected veins. This intentionally causes localized damage to the inner lining of the vein and leads to inflammation, blood clotting, collapse, and thickening or scarring of the vessel. The blood stops flowing, and the vein loses its reddish purple appearance.

After treatment, spider veins are less visible and bothersome. Call the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center for a free consultation.

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