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Breast Surgery

For women, the size of one’s breasts is a very personal preference that can vary from individual to individual. Whether you are seeking a breast enhancement, breast reduction, breast lift, or breast reconstruction, there’s a procedure available here at The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center to address your breast surgery needs.

For men, male breast reduction is also available to help decrease the appearance of enlarged breasts, or gynecomastia, and attain your desired chest contour.

Breast Procedures

Every woman has breast asymmetry that can range from an entire cup size to a subtle difference in shape to nipple variation.

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US, breast augmentation surgery (also known as a breast enlargement procedure) can add additional volume and contour to breasts. It can also help breasts appear more proportionate to the rest of the body.

Breast augmentation surgery involves breast implants. The most popular option is FDA-approved silicone gel implants, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. The safe silicone breast implants help achieve results that look natural on you.

Asymmetry, skin draping, and scarring are breast challenges that often make a woman feel less than beautiful or sexy. These side effects could come from trauma, cancer treatments, congenital anomalies, or deformities from previous cosmetic surgeries.

The best solution is breast reconstruction surgery. To achieve a natural-looking appearance, breast reconstruction surgery restores your chest to a firmer, more symmetrical aesthetic.

As the home of an exceptionally qualified reconstruction surgeon, the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center can help restore your confidence.

Multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding, and aging cause breasts to lose natural elasticity. A Mastopexy (also known as a Breast Lift) reshapes a woman’s breasts for a more youthful look and feel while often boosting confidence.

Breast lifts provide near-instant rejuvenation and natural-looking results after surgery. This cosmetic surgery includes repositioning or raising of the nipple, breast skin tightening, and/or areola reduction.

Occasionally, a breast lift is complemented by a breast augmentation surgery to create a fuller, younger-looking chest.

If your breasts are uncomfortable and hindering due to largeness, neck and back pain are a daily problem. These side effects result from carrying around extra weight from breast tissue.

Mammaplasty (also known as a breast reduction) surgery could be the necessary relief. It’s a cosmetic surgery that eliminates excess of breast tissue by removing fatty tissues, excess skin, and glandular tissue. This surgery also includes the relocation or raising of the nipple.

Breast reduction achieves a more comfortably sized chest, firm natural breasts, and reduces sagging. Within six months, you’ll have a renewed chest, sense of self-confidence, and comfortability in your own body.